Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrift Happy

I should have been cleaning. But when the urge to seek out unknown treasures for bargain prices calls, cleaning loses every time. No hesitation. Not even close. Oh well, life's too short anyway, right?

Every year I go to a sale in Mazomaine, Wisconsin, about 25 miles from my house. Held by a church, the prices are cheap and selection is great. I somehow missed the first day this year, which is the best day to go. So I went on the second day of the sale, and still brought home a couple boxfuls for about $22.00. (yess!) Here are some of my finds. Pardon the mess, I was too excited to get them out of the box to clear the table much. Oh, and that cleaning thing.

How great is this table top lamp? I PAID $1.00 FOR IT. (THIS IS WHY I THRIFT) Need to get some type of shades for it and find a spot for it.

I was taken with this signed photograph picture, the colors are really nice, photo was was taken in Italy. I really like the triple mat on it too. It was $10.00, but they saw me hesitating and knocked it down to $7.00. I Need to get a different frame for it, something with a little contrast. 

This tea pot set was $2.00, so I couldn't pass it up. There aren't any markings and I don't know anything about it. Hopefully it all belongs together. I think the cups look like they could hold soft boiled eggs. If you have any info to part about this I would be appreciative.

Some obsessions as of late: egg shaped objects  and wood plates. I found the bigger wood plates at Savers. The person who made them put their name on the back and the type of wood they used. I got four, each a different type of wood. The small green wood plates are Japanese I think, anyone know what they're intended for?

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  1. great finds...and unbelievable thrifting...I have a lot more items to post of my thrift finds but they're all in storage while I'm waiting to move...guess I'll have to go get more.. :)