Thursday, June 30, 2011

Upcycling from Dig 'n' Save

What can you do with an base like this? I found it at at our local dig/save with a damaged table top. I think it was originally used in an office, some type of work table. The base is made of aluminum which made think that it would be good as a plant stand. 

Since I don't have carpentry skills (or tools), I found someone to make a cedar box to put on it. The stand cost $10 and the cedar box was $60. A word to the wise - get more than one estimate, even for a small job. The estimate that didn't get my job was for $100, a big difference.

I'm very happy with it, just need to get some feet for the bottom and watch the flowers grow.

I will be back next week, taking a little time off.

Happy July 4th Everyone!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Steals and Deals on Craigslist

It's time for More Steals and Deals on Craigslist! This is where I show awesome deals on Craigslist. Steals are items that are offered for free. So without further adieu, let's start with the steals.

For anyone who wanted their own mummy, this was the chance of a lifetime. This mummy is almost 6 feet tall!

This ad says that you can go and play on their piano for one week. The piano has just been restored, though no one there plays the piano. I think this is where the eerie music starts playing.

This ad was for a free table with two matching chairs on casters. With some work, this could be a really nice set.

I think this is a great buy for a lovely vintage bedroom set with all kinds of possibilities.

I think the pair on the left have great style

Nice buy on a mid century Danish chair that looks to be in excellent condition.

I think this drum style table has great presence, painting it a bold color would give it modern flair.

Who doesn't need another end table? Charming design on this one.

This is my pick for best of the week, wish I had a place for it!

This is my boo-hoo one. Someone snatched it before I could. Unbelievable buy.

This one is sweet! How beautiful it would be in a little girl's room! And underneath paint is Tiger Oak.

Fine set with lots of style/texture

The person selling this advertises it a hobby desk. I would call it a modern looking secretary for a great price!

How cute is this for $10.00?!! I love the bar. It could really make a statement as a foyer/console table too.

Well that's it for this episode of Steals and Deals on Craigslist!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Chairy, Chairy, Baby

I have two chairs to show, one I picked up this past weekend and the other a couple of weeks ago. Both chairs need work, one will be a fairly easy fix, the other not.

I like the design of this iron chair, can't remember exactly what I paid for it, but it was between $10-15. I need to clean the iron and would like to put some sort of polish on it. If you know a good kind, please share. Recovering the chair seat should be an easy job. Anyone know the maker of this chair?

I found this funky chair on Sunday at an estate sale in a very desirable part of town. It's a neighborhood  with houses on the lake. Shacks go for $300,000 or more. Small houses that need to be updated go for $500,000 and up. This chair needs some work - back legs need to be reglued, it  needs refinishing and definitely needs reupholstery. I couldn't find a brand/maker on this chair. The back of it has that Eames style. Anyone know? The chair was marked $40 - I haggled and got it for $25.

*****I received comments from Vintage Scapes and Beccalina of Vintage South that were both very helpful. I found two listings on eBay. On one listing it was called a Hans Wegner Shell Chair. On the other listing it was called Kodawood Finn Juhl chair. I need to do more research to find the maker. The value of my chair would be somewhere around the price of the Kodawood chair, they are in similar condition. But refinishing would greatly increase the value of the chair and in this case, would be a good idea.

I've heard of a product called Wol? or Wool? that is used in the refinishing trade for wood. It's supposed to be for wood that is not in bad condition and saves you the time of refinishing a piece. I have looked for it without success. Anyone familiar with this product?

What did you find this past week?

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Tree Stump Sneak Peak

It's been rainy all week. Haven't been able to work outside in the yard or on my benches. Thought I would show a sneak peak of  one of the tree stumps on my deck. My flowers are starting to come along. Once we get some sun I think they'll really take off.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Steals and Deals on Craigslist

Craigslist can be a great resource and can yield surprising finds. If you can see the potential and possibilities in the new life of something, then it's a haven. I did a search under mid century, retro and vintage last night and found these items.

Could this enamel table be any sweeter? Love the design and bright yellow on this. Besides being used in a kitchen it could also be used as a desk or as a folding table in a tricked up laundry room.

I see ads like this on Craigslist where furniture was used for staging a house and then is sold at quite a reduced rate. I think these chairs are quite nice.

Great mid century style on this dresser.

Great style for little money on these chairs, almost look like they could be Thonet. They would look nice with a wood or laminate table.

I like the lines of this Industrial cabinet. It could also be used as an end table or nightstand, even in an entry way.

This retro gold chair looks to be in excellent condition.

I think this curved cabinet is unique. If you have the right spot for this, there's a lot that could be done with a piece like this.

Isn't this fireplace great? It would add a lot of style to a modern space.

Great price on this vintage chair, it would be nice as an extra chair somewhere or with a desk.

NICE prices on these Atomic style lamps.

Nice gathering of silver pieces here, I'm wondering if those glasses have any lineage. 

Aren't these chairs cute? They would be so adorable in a little girl's room.

Fantastic mid century style on these end tables.

Can I get your feedback on this post? Do you like this type of posting? Should I make it a regular feature? If so, how often - weekly, biweekly or monthly? Thank you for your response, it is very helpful, I want to do postings that you like!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Mother-lode

The day didn't start right. I had bookmarked a gigantic once a year sale. I thought it started at 10:00. The plan was to get my daughter to her job by 8:00, go back home, sip coffee, eat breakfast, measure some items and pack my camera so I could document the sale and share it here with you.  I decided to double check the date just before we left the house. The sale started at 8:00. Ack!!! With barely enough time to change my clothes, I took my daughter to work and went to the sale without breakfast, brushing my teeth and forgot my camera. Sigh. 

This would be a good time to go through all the things a person should do to be prepared for a thrifting event.  But I won't do that now because this sale turned out to be the mother of all sales. It was a GREAT sale, clean quality items priced to move. I'm showing some of it today, got enough stuff for three thrift shares. So here is part of my bratty haul...

Some retro and mid century things, fondue pot in perfect condition, a dansk decanter, serving utensils, egg cups, pitcher, candle holder, plate, cute purple owl...

I've already used the electric crepe maker for a family gathering today for Father's day. I really like the design of the faux wood tray. Pepper mill in the back. Nice lamp and big platter. 

Here's a closer view of the lamp, can't read the name written in it, does anyone recognize it? I'm thinking this must be designer.

These heavy ceramic knobs were just $2!

Can you believe this price for Danish 18/8 stainless steel candle holders? Item to the right is a ribbon holder that you mount to the wall. I'm going to use it to hang my scarves on.

Ceramic tureen and the candle holders

Some items from Japan

I really like the design of this lacquered wood jewelry box. For how cool it is on the outside, the inside has a kind of tacky red velvet.

This vintage Lightolier lamp from Japan is a definite highlight of my thrifting extravaganza. The stem and base are metal, shade is plastic, it was $15. I really like it's modern style and will find a special place for it.

I'll share the rest of the items over the next two weeks or so. Now I'm going to focus on finding a place for everything - and cleaning, organizing and decluttering my house. I want to take time to do projects I've posted about, so I can share them with you.

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