Friday, April 29, 2011

Cruisin' For Finds

I did some crusing for thrift finds on the internet and came across these beauties. Hope you enjoy, happy weekend everyone!

I think teal and orange look great together, as is the case with this planter. This would certainly brighten up a room.

Gorgeous sunburst clock, I wouldn't have a 
problem finding a place for this beauty!

Love this rodriquez mid century wall hanging,
have to put this on my must find list.

I think the flower pins look great in this mod jewelry box, the white really sets them off. I could see this as a display on a vanity or chest.

I would add this to my collection of textile covered jewelry boxes if it weren't already sold. Great design and something to keep an eye out for.

Aren't these japanese fabric coasters lovely? 
I would be tempted to hang them on a wall.

This isn't vintage, but what a great holder for books this wool felt box makes.
Would look so nice on a book shelf.


  1. I could go for that sunburst mirror...
    great find..

  2. Thanks for reposting & for your kindness in the credit. I have now discovered YOU! Keep on lookin' for treasures!