Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Steals and Deals on Craigslist

Although many times it seems so hard to find exactly what I'm looking for (beer budget, champagne taste), it is amazing what good buys can be out there. I did a search on my local craigslist for mid century items for $100 or less and this is what I found:

Three Lane MCM endtables for $100 - I'm liking the six sided one

Cute Breuer Cane Chair for $25

This seller has many Hey Woodite children's chairs in various sizes and colors for $25 each, mix and match colors or sizes! I'd put a style like this around my kitchen table, wonder if they made them in that size?

Good mid century vibe on this chair for $70

A pair of funky atomic lamps for $70, so cute, like the holes and wood bases!

Love the iron legs on this retro table for $30 - emailed the seller

This mid century coffee table has been refinished and is $50 - quite a deal!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Upcycled Vintage Jewelry

I haven't done a post on upcycling for a bit. Let's take a look at what some crafty people are doing to upcycle jewelry and different items into jewelry.
I'm always amazed at the creativity out there.

Images via ZipperedHeart 

At ZipperedHeart you can find super cute pins and cell phone covers made with vintage zippers.

image via jacqvon

Love these industrial style bracelets made from vintage rulers!

image via balanced 

Rachel of balanced makes jewelry, such as the lovely ring above made from a vintage floral tin.

It takes a creative mind to fashion jewelry out of colored pencils. Lidia and Paul of zincwhite came up with the idea of using artist waste for making jewelry. The rings and brooch above were made using rejected color pencils from the Derwent factory. The pencils are combined into a block, then cut and shaped.

image via SewTrendy

I like the vintage charm of this upcycled necklace and think the blue enamel brooch adds a very nice touch.

images via ATreasuredPast

This etsy seller uses vintage stamps from all over the world and uses them in bracelets, necklaces, brooches, rings and cufflinks - a great idea!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vintage Metal Beds

Oh bed! Oh bed!
Oh delicious bed!
That heaven on earth
To the weary head.

- Thomas Hood

image via everyday Lovely

I've always been drawn to vintage metal beds, particularly those made during the Depression and after. With a design referred to as Austere, these beds have much less ornamentation, (or none) simple curves and clean lines, much different from their preceding styles such as Victorian, Art Nouveau or Art Deco.

What I like about these beds is their ability to exist in different types of decor.
Stripped to the bare metal and sealed, they look industrial. With a chippy finish they look country, rustic or shabby chic. Painted a bright color like the yellow bed above they can look modern, funky or eclectic.

I'm not sure if the above bed is vintage or a reproduction, but it demonstrates how white paint and simple bedding make this bed in it's surroundings look fresh and modern.

The above vintage beauty shows it's age, but still has much charm.

image via A Brighter Place

This bed is at home in an industrial setting.

image via Hudson Goods

Modern linens with a vintage feel are right at home with this bed.

I really like the bird comforter on this vintage metal bed, it looks anything but old. And it shows how adaptable these beds are for children's room.

What girl wouldn't want this bed? Kelly of The Lilypad Cottage shows how she transformed this bed for her daughter.

image via COTTAG3

image via Dans le Townhouse, from Cote Sud Magazine 

The metal bed above, originally shown in a French magazine, is very striking.

image via curate and love

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Upcycled Bridal

I must admit that classic weddings and wedding gowns are not my favorite. When I was planning my own wedding years ago, I wanted to wear a 1940's style navy blue blazer and skirt, as I was infatuated with clothing of that era then. But my mother insisted as her only daughter I wear a white wedding gown and so I complied. I refused to wear a veil though, instead wearing a wreath of flowers in my hair.

One of my daughters is getting married next summer. I've been looking at DIY ideas and upcycled items for weddings and would like to share a few of them with you.

This hair comb was made using a repurposed rhinestone jewelry and antique silver leaves. I think it's lovely.

image via hangingbyathread1, Very sweet Bridal Cuff Bracelet

image via fresheyedesign

I think this bridal design t-shirt would be cute to wear for opening presents the day after the wedding.

image via beanandthesprout

This bandeau veil with rosette was fashioned from a vintage wedding gown. The rhinestone center came from a vintage necklace. 

image via MsSuzyShopper

These bridal bouquets are fashioned by Suzy Webster from vintage jewelry. If my daughter likes this, I'm going to look for a tutorial on how to make one.

image via BelladonnaBoema

I think this upcycled wedding dress is just gorgeous!

At this point we just need to focus on a location since my daughter isn't getting married for another year and a half. But it's fun to look at all the different ideas 
and I hope that you enjoyed it also!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vintage Surveyor Cases

I recently bought this wood surveyor's case at the antique store where I also sell.  It has a great worn patina and lovely orange color. I'm going to put it on my desk and keep supplies for marking items in it. 

Not having bought anything like this before I decided to take a look at what's out there for these type of cases. 

These type of cases were well constructed with dovetail joints, leather straps and sturdy hinges. Cases with surveying tools in working condition fetch a good price.

Perhaps this case was used for storing a tripod. It looks really nice here as part of a display.

image via liveauctioneers

I wasn't able to find another orange case like mine, but I found this green one with instruments and a tripod. I imagine that mine was painted orange to make it easier to spot when working outdoors.

image via neatandgreen

Not only are these cases functional, they look good in different types of decor: industrial, country, urban country, shabby chic and contemporary.

image via MODERNFifty

While searching for another orange case like mine, I found this orange metal set of drawers and awesome vignette. If you like the color orange as I do, you have to be careful that your decor doesn't end up looking like Halloween. In this setting it certainly doesn't and that chair is stellar.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vintage Hearts

Here are several vintage heart shaped items for you to peruse - eye candy!
Happy Valentines Day to you and yours.

Lacquered Cinnabar Heart Box
image via ClockWinder

Yellow Enamel Heart Necklace
Image via NaturalGorgeous

Sweet Collection of Vintage Heart Pins
Image via Everyday Beauty

Heart Shaped Jewelry Box With Cherubs
Image via WANELO

Mosaic Bead Heart Necklace
Image via 2VintageGypsies

Vintage Wood Heart Shaped Candleholder
Image via NeOld

Antique Tin Ceiling Hearts