Friday, December 30, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thrift Share, December 27th

Thought I would share a few items I thrifted right before Christmas. Two are brass, which is new for me, as silver is my preference over brass, bronze or gold.

I don't know anything about this brass angel, but I like the modern simplicity of it. It's a pretty good size, stands about 15" tall. I'm assuming that a glass votive holder is missing. I don't think one will be hard to find, just need to measure and make sure I get one with a lip on it.

When I first got this set of brass candle holders I was confused about how to make a regular candle stick fit in it. Then I realized that they were for votive candles, which I really like. I'm thinking these solid brass candle holders are mid century. Only one of the holders had a label on the bottom and a price sticker was put on it. I tried to carefully take it off so I could read it, but to no avail. All that can be read is The J_____ Collection. Anyone have any idea about them?

Awhile back I found this large metal frame, it is 20" square. It was scratched up and I was going to spray paint it. Instead I sanded it with fine sandpaper and I like the way it looks now. I put a nice thrifted print by Mary Cassat in it. 

Above the mother/child print I hung another drawing of a mother/child.
I bought this awhile back too, looks like an original, but no signature. I can't be sure it's an original until I take it out of the frame. I'll do that when I get a new frame and have a mat cut for it. A mother/child wood sculpture that I scored  some time ago carries on with the theme. It's funny how things work out sometimes, this wasn't something I planned, but I do like it. Serendipity I guess.

Thought I'd cleared the area till I saw my photo, stuff underneath, lol. I'm still working on this tablescape, added a plant and book about motherhood for now.

What did you find this week?

Friday, December 23, 2011

She Knows if You've Been Bad or Good...

I woke up this morning to find these lovely reindeer cookies my daughter made last night. She's home from college and got in the Christmas baking mode. (Yess!!) Knowing the people that live in this house, she left this note...

I think they are so cute. It's a peanut butter cookie shaped like a reindeer head.
Chocolate covered pretzels are the antlers with mini and regular size M&M's for eyes and nose. 

Last weekend we had Christmas for my grandsons, Grayson who is 6 (and very tall for his age) and Logan, 10. They are both going on a trip and won't be with us for Christmas this year. 

This is my sweet doggy Ellie who looks to be feeling constrained by the lack of floor space. Not to mention that people are sitting on the sofa, her choice spot for napping.

This adorable pup, Littlefoot, only weighs a few pounds. She belongs to my future son-in-law's mother. Littlefoot is a rescue dog, rescued from a puppy mill.
Because of what she endured her back legs are misaligned. She had to have several teeth pulled when Karen got her and took her to the vet, plus a host of other medical care. But she is the sweetest little dog and keeps up with the pack, as Karen as four other dogs!

These are the reindeer beers that I'm seeing all over the place. I'm going to use this idea for my three daughter's boyfriends this year.

Life in the So Called Space Age

Isn't this mid century Christmas card beautiful? Love it. Here are a few more,
my way of saying Merry Christmas to you.




Whatever you celebrate, wherever you are, Merry Christmas to you. I wish you joy, peace and good fortune. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

GeorgiaPeachez Christmas Wreaths

Last year I came across GeorgiaPeachez Wreath Blog and was wowed by how gorgeous the wreaths were.

Suzy of GeorgiaPeachez hunts for beautiful ornaments year round and uses them on her wreaths. Each wreath is one of a kind.

Suzy has been making these wreaths for years and has perfected her time tested method. The wreaths that she made for this Christmas season are sold
out. There is information on her blog about getting on an email list to receive notice when wreaths will available.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh Christmas Trees...

Inspiration for Home
Who says a Christmas tree has to look like an evergreen? Here are a few ideas for thinking outside the tree box. I think this tree made from scrap wood is great and would look nice hanging on the wall too.

I know time is winding down for decorating. Unless you're like me and just got your tree up. No reason we can't look though. You can always file ideas away for next year. Unless you find one you love and have to have for this year :>)


A newspaper tree is fun and recyclable. No watering necessary. You probably don't want lights either.


I like this hanging tree, plenty of room to get the presents under it! There could be many variations on this idea.

Inspiration for Home

This is such a charming idea - the sky's the limit. This would be a good one for getting the kids involved.


Even though the frame is vintage, this Christmas decoration looks modern because of the color palette. I like it.


I also like this idea using picture frames and letters. Your choice of pictures and letters can make it look modern, vintage, industrial, whatever you want.


If you're not going to use that decorative Christmas tree stand now, then how about this creative idea?

Last, I'll leave you with this kitschy image of a mini forest of retro Christmas
brooches. These pins are from a site called Bijoutree's Jeweled Forest. There are a couple of short videos you might like to watch, click here. I had no idea...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paper Mache Christmas Decorations

When I'm out thrifting and looking for vintage Christmas decorations, I keep a lookout for paper mache decorations like the trio above. These decorations are from the 60's and/or 70's and mostly made in Japan.

Ruff by Margo
Seriously, who could resist this sweet angel boy?

Or a family or carolers?

The Girl From Yesterday
I like the colors on this groovy little angel.

I'm attracted to any set with three girls as I have three daughters.

simply human
I think these Three Wise Men are regal

I like the details on these two choir boys.

lovely dig
I've noticed that these type of paper mache decorations are becoming more collectible. All the more reason to thrift!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Retro Christmas Ornaments

There's something special about the patina ornaments take on over the years.  They are lovely visual links to Christmases past, stirring memories of happy times.

Gresham Barn Sale
Even the boxes of shiny brite ornaments make me feel sentimental. I like their simple but festive color palette that lets the ornaments shine.


ebay seller mdey 
Jewelbrite is the maker of these sweet, kitschy ornaments

Deck the Holidays
Oh Christmas ornaments, thou art bright and sparkly...

Deck the Holiday's

Retro Holiday Goodness!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Green Christmas Decoration


You can make these sweet Christmas trees from catalogs like Avon and L.L. Bean while you're watching Rudolph or The Christmas Carol. The best part? Being able to toss them in the recycle after the season!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Vintage Plastic

Peanut Bowl Set
One of the things I look for when I'm thrifting is vintage plastic. Not the old gummy or flimsy stuff, but well designed, sturdy, quality plastic. Some of the coolest plastics you will ever see are from the Space Age era of design. Some names to look for:  Ira, Heller, Kartell, Panton, Rosti, Copco, Deka, Texas Ware, Melemac and Melamine.

If I had this turquoise flower melamine tray from the 60's I would hang it on the wall. So cute, so simple, so well designed!

These egg cups are so cute! If I had these I'd have to make eggs just to put in them!

Some vintage plastics I recently found at Goodwill and an estate sale.

Some more of my plastic, I like modern serving utensils, the colors and designs are fun.

Here's a really modern pair of salad servers - love it!

Luigi Colani Ice Bucket

Vintage Georges Briard ice bucket, I found this at Goodwill.

Rosti Mepal Danish Flower Plates
Some of my vintage plastics I only use in the summer. Their bright colors and fun casual style seem to lend to the outdoors. I like the way they look on my picnic table. (Sorry, wish I had a pic, example below from a previous post on Heller.) 

Heller Plastic Dinnerware

Retro Chalet

Russell Wright Residential Melmac

When searching for images to show in this post, (other than my own), I came across Jo Je Bin's Photostream on Flickr. He has an extensive collection of vintage plastics, lives in Zurich, Sweden and his amazing finds come from thrifting! I am so jealous!

To go to a very groovy site (yeah, baby!) about Space Age Plastic, visit Plastiphile, it's a trip!

These vintage wall clock from the 60's and 70's are as much in style today as they were 40-50 years ago. Jo Je Bin has the makers listed as Wanduhren, Krups and Jura.

So there you have it. Or some of it. It's just the tip of the plastic iceberg. I didn't even show any plastic furniture.

Better save that for another post.