Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thrift Find, Heller Plates

My new stash of Heller. I need to get more plates and balance out the colors. The coasters are not heller. I thought the planter went nicely with the Heller and have two other larger ones that are yellow too.

While hitting the thrift store pavement last week, I came across some nice sturdy Heller plastic plates. On the lookout for things to use on the deck, I purchased a whole stack in colors that I liked. 

After getting home, I did a search on Heller and was pleased to find that they are collectible, (I would still like them even if they weren't) as this is always a bonus with thrifting.  As a newcomer to modern design, I wasn't familar with Heller, but am learning as I go.

Conceived by Italian designer, Massimo Vignelli,this melamine tableware is made to be stackable. (It won an award for good design in 1964.)  Originally produced in Italy, it was introduced later to the U.S. and produced by Heller who added more colors and Heller tableware became very popular. Apparently it is still in production and sold by Unicahome in white.

Here you can see some of the colors they were made in

Here is some cutlery made to go with

I like this color combination. You can also see some other pieces in the line.

Nice Ice Bucket

The yellow Heller pieces look really 
nice on the gray table, nice and cheery!

I think these will be great for outdoor summer gatherings. I have added Heller to my list of things to look for.


  1. i love heller tableware! my mom used to have the ice bucket way back when - if only she held onto it!

  2. gorgeous bight summer colors and perfect for the deck...fab collection...

  3. Awesome!! Love the mod plastic-so perfect-I have some as well:)