Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

Last night I made a quick trip to the Goodwill in my neighborhood. I always check out the pictures for art or frames. I was pleased to find a print that I really like. I'm going to have it reframed as the frame has some big chips in it and the print is not a standard size. I think a different color frame will set it off better too.

I just have it propped up here. The colors are more vibrant than the photo shows.

Since my last post was about galvanized metal I wanted to show a galvanized tray that I bought thrifting awhile back. I'm not sure what the original use for it was (probably changing oil), but I've got it on this chest for now. 

I bought this old milk can at a thrift sale last fall for $10. I like the worn patina of the metal. I wanted to use it for a plant stand, but the lid has a grip on it that I couldn't get off. So I put it on an asian plant stand and keep maps and prints in it. The wood statue and planter are past thrift finds, making everything but a print or two in the milk can secondhand finds.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Galvanized Metal

I don't know what it is about galvanized metal that I like so much (I like it, I love it, I want some more of it...:>). It can be industrial, functional, funky and also dressed up to look stunning. Though my tastes are more modern, galvanized metal is very versatile. It's a natural for country, but goes with almost any decor. 

image via farmhouse wares

The simplicity of this cake and galvanized cake stand have an understated elegance, it would be gorgeous for a summer gathering. 

image via FernHillRd

What a sweet combination and great pairing!

image via Event Trender

These galvanized vessels are dressed up with beautiful flowers. The miniature watering cans place cards are a nice touch.

image via SVPPLY

Galvanized metal just seems to lend itself to plants.

image via imainway

I have a double wash tub like the one above and use it for laundry sorting. I'd show you a picture of mine, but my laundry room is a mess not very photogenic. I bought it from a neighbor's garage sale for $20.00. It looks like I got a very good deal as this one on ebay is going for $210.00 or best offer. Are they really selling for that much?

image via Reminsce

image via RELIQUE

Galvanized boxes like the one above can add a lot of interest to a bookshelf or display and can also be used for storage.

This vintage chicken coop light has a lot of style. I like it's rusted patina but I could also see it in a bright color.

image via ace of space

Here is "Christmas in July" (just hope I can remember it come December). This table top tree with galvanized metal stand is from Martha Stewart. I love this and the "snow" underneath with miniature deer! This idea has so many possibilities: choose your own color, use elves or a miniature town under the tree...

image via Heartfish

Simple, utilitarian boxes, but oh how they make my heart beat!

image via 14feet.

There are oodles of things you can store in these old milk crates - magazines, towels, supplies, you name it. 

image via Dirt Simple

I like Deborah Silvers idea to use these galvanized barrels as planters. A group of them in the right place would be downright sculptural. 

Best of all, galvanized metal is not hard to find at garage sales, thrift stores or estate sales. A good deal or great find makes the thrill of the hunt even sweeter!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Eternally Modern Chartreuse

Today's post is random and quick. Eternally modern, chartreuse is one of my favorite colors and although not easy to find, it's out there. Let's take a look at a few of the offerings out there.

image via TheRawSupplyCo

image via WolfCityAnteeks

The chartreuse color of this file elevates it from functional to mod.

image via dress

Wish I had this purse and the necklace below to go with an outfit I'm wearing to a wedding this weekend. My blouse is magenta, black and white, would have been such a great combination!

Russell Wright dinnerware is very collectible, lurv that celery plate!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bar Carts

I love the idea of having a bar cart at the ready in my home. I've been musing about this for awhile, (click here for a previous post) but common sense tells me to wait until my male teenage son is older. Still, there's no harm in looking!

Bar carts offer a lot in their smaller size, portability and wide range of design possibilities. Best of all they can be found secondhand and customized to to
personal preference.

I like the yellow and industrial style of this cart. I could see a wood soda crate on the bottom for bottles or glasses and another wood box for supplies.

image via SZ Interiors

Here's an idea I wouldn't have thought of, using a vintage trunk for a bar
stand. With the accompanying accessories this vintage trunk's stature has
really been elevated.

image via Design Crush

Vintage bottles with nice typography

Isn't this a pretty setup? This brass bar cart has nice functionality with the bottle  and wine glass holders. I think the red chair and animal print are very nice touches. What a great use for a chair with a lot of character. It's easy to find them at sales and on craigslist. One can of spray paint is all you need.

So many different styles of bar carts can make deciding difficult.

image via MODERNFifty

Industrial design is always a big draw for me, love the green.

image via NATHAN & CO.

Really nice mid century style on this wood bar cart.

image via

The bright red orange color modernizes this rattan bar stand.

image via houzz

This steel cart has heightened functionality with three shelves, like the pop of blue at the bottom.

image via One Kings Lane

This wood cart has some nice storage and the bonus of leaves. Plus it's style would fit in many different types of decor.