Sunday, April 17, 2011


It's my guess that with most people thrifting leads to collecting. Collections come in all shapes and sizes. Two's a pair but three is a collection (we're not counting sets here). One item that I like to collect is lacquerware from Japan. I don't have a large or expensive collection, but several items I have culled from estate sales and thrift stores. 

Lacquerware comes in all kinds of shapes and forms: jewelry boxes, dipping bowls, trays, plates, chopsticks, containers, bento boxes, even furniture. Japan is not the only country that makes lacquerware, it's also made in China. Though I'm sure each country has their own process and of course their design.

I think these trays are very contemporary in their design.

These lacquerware plates are from Vietnam

Nice design on this bowl

Aren't these goblets gorgeous? 
I'd take those bowls in the background too.

These lacquerware dolls make me think of Kokeshi dolls, another thing I collect.To see a posting I did on Kokeshi dolls on my other blog, click here. You can see my obsessiveness here too.

Tall Lacquered Chest

These cabinets are nothing short of spectacular. But here I go again, getting all carried away.I started looking at jewelry boxes and ended up here.

Dragonfly Rice Bowls

So keep your eyes open for lacquerware. You never know where it's going to turn up. Believe it or not, sometimes it's mixed in with the plastic (but that's our secret,shh). What do you like to collect?


  1. gorgeous lacquer ware...and I laughed when you said that thrifting leads to surely must...

  2. Lovely post! Lacquerware is really exquisite. And so amazing, when you think of all the layers of lacquer that go into the art...

    AlliRose from Flickr :)

  3. Impressive and beautiful collections! I admire the lacquer ware painting skills of China and Japan.