Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Be Thrifty with Style

Remember that show on TV where they looked at a room that was decorated with designer furniture and expensive artwork? They would call it the inspiration room, use the ideas and then design a room for much less. Well, today's posting is a take off on that. But instead of a whole room I'm showing just one wall. And the inspiration room turns into an inspiration piece of furniture. The decorating items are all secondhand - culled from thrift stores, thrift sales, book sales, estate sales and resale shops.

Pottery Barn Table with Stools

Table Found on eBay

We had painted and carpeted our living room previously and I wanted to put a sofa/console table on this wall. I saw a table in a Pottery Barn catalog that I really liked, but it just wasn't in our budget. So I started looking around and found a table on eBay for much less that was strikingly similar. I also like the idea of stools under the table like in the pottery barn photo, but I haven't figured out what type I want.

My bare wall (with photo distortion)

Table from eBay seller

In the Pottery Barn catalog they showed the table with a map behind it that I liked,(see above) but it wasn't quite what I wanted (plus that budget thing). One of my great scores (THIS IS WHY I THRIFT), I found this mid century burlap wall hanging at a church sale for $5.00. I think it goes well with the table.

These bowls were purchased at an estate store and thrift store. Each bowl was $5.00 or less. 

Sometimes you have to splurge and I did so with this lamp. I found it at a fab store called Area 51 Vintage Interiors and felt it was just perfect for the table. I paid $165.00 for it.

My dog, Ellie. She has no appreciation for what I'm trying to do.

The round cream Haegar ball vase is one of my favorites. It is marked second quality on the bottom, but I don't see any detractions. I bought it at Goodwill and paid $4.00 for it.

So here is the finished wall. I'm pretty pleased with it. As you can see, my style is more relaxed, it fits me. It took awhile to bring it all together, but good things come to those who wait, right? (And good prices too.) 


  1. Hi Jill! I love this, and the stories behind each item. Looks great, I love your style! :)

  2. wow..nice table...and you've accessorized it quite nicely..
    and I agree, splurge when you want...thrift the rest of the time...