Monday, June 6, 2011

Thrifting Finds, Thrift Share Monday 6/06

This past weekend was pretty busy. I managed to score some thrift finds and did a ton of yard work.It felt good to be outside, we've waited for summer since, well, last summer. On to the pics!

I went to a library sale on Saturday and bought most of these books there. I'm always on the lookout for children's picture books that have good art in them. I use them for my other blog, The Art of Children's Picture Books. My recent post shows one of the books I got at the library sale.

I found a pair of nice curved spoons with wood handles for .50 at a garage sale. They will be nice in the crate and barrel bowls (one shown on left, previous thrift find) that I like to use for salsa or guacamole. Stainless steel bowl in middle has groovy round feet on it. Bowl on right is a pantone bowl, thought it looked summery.

At Goodwill I found this bar set to put in my bar cabinet - to see previous post about this, click hereAlso found a nice set of 8 contemporary wood handles. Not sure what I'm going to put them one, but they will be nice for adding contemporary style.

Two nice metal boxes to add to my collection

My favorite find of the weekend are these mid century candle holders. Need to get candles to fit.

This owl picture is a little out of my comfort zone and different from any other pictures I have. Beautifully done and that's why I got it. Will probably get a different frame for it.

Closer view, the details are incredible. Artist is Simon Calburn, print has date of 1975 with signature. This print may be signed, but I can't tell for sure until I take the glass off.

Close up of moth in owl picture. Another thing I liked about this picture is that there is information on the back about the artist, which is always nice.

Just trying out the owl picture here, it would have to go more to the left if I kept it here.It is not faded/reflected as it looks in pic. Bought this mid century dresser last fall at an estate sale and paid $50 for it. Label inside drawer says Phoenix Chair Co. of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I like the smoky candle holders on it. I bought the galvanized tray at the UW-Madison swap shop. Lamp bought a goodwill last year, it was shiny black and scuffed. I spray painted it a gray matte. Found the burlap shade and round black finial thrifting too.

The picture is not hanging straight, need to add wire, sawtooth hangers don't do the job. So what do you think, is this picture a aye or nay here? I'm starting to think something abstract would be nice with a pop of color.

I'll be showing more thrift finds this week. This post is a part of Thrift Share Monday with Apron Thrift Girl

My baby is 17 today. This picture is from last summer when we took a family trip to the Alabama coast and drove there from Wisconsin. John and my grandson Grayson, (John's nephew) sat in the back. They both look pretty psyched for our trip to the ocean.

Unfortunately there wasn't enough of this

And a lot of this

It was a long trip

John was much happier when we arrived at our destination. Here with sister Patti.


  1. Metal boxes, beautiful owls! Love your fun finds :) Funny road trip pics, too.

  2. I love that dresser Jil and the candle holders and those wooden handled spoons. The detail in owl pic is wonderful. I'm sure I had that three little bears is very familiar to me.
    Nice to see your kiddos too

  3. Hello! My husband was given a Phoenix Chair Co 6 drawer dresser and a matching nightstand, exact style as your dresser. I was doing some research, and only found yours that matched the style of ours. Do you have any idea of the worth? Thanks - and I LOVE the lamp.

  4. Thanks - I haven't done any research on the dresser - did you try ebay?
    The nightstand must look really nice with the dresser.

  5. My brother gave me the owl picture for my sweet sixteen, that was 32 years ago. I always had it in the dinning room. Unfortunately I lost it six months ago in a fire. If you would like to sell it, I would be more than happy to buy it. If not I hope you enjoy it as much as my kids and I have.