Friday, June 3, 2011

My Kokeshi and Asian Collection

Selena of Apron Thrift Girl has asked fellow bloggers to show a collection they have and link it back to her site. Selena has shared her lovely vintage umbrellas. Recently I did a post on Kokeshi Dolls and I didn't show any that are mine. So here are mine along with other Japanese/Asian collectibles that I have. Hope you like it!

Above are my three traditional Kokeshi dolls and two creative Kokeshi dolls. You can refer back to my post on Kokeshi dolls for the difference between the two. On the top shelf are two pieces of lacquerware which I also collect. I also have some chopsticks which you can't see very well. The black ceramic pieces are also from Japan. I also have books about Japan, a bamboo/glay tray. The item in the right hand corner on the bottom is something I don't know the name of. There are four small glass panels framed in wood. Inside each panel is a scene carved out of a material I can't identify. Everything on these shelves are thrift finds, including the books and bookshelf.

Closer view of creative kokeshi and lacquer style tray.

Closer view of lacquerware, last pic is dark

This cabinet was given to me by my dad, it used to be my mom's. I would like to paint it someday. Had to shoot it in a tight space, the cabinet is on the landing at the top of our stairs.

I bought the crane at Goodwill awhile back, it is iron on a marble base.  I found the two Asian figures at a garage sale, the print at the top was from an estate sale and the picture on the bottom is a thrifted frame that I put some beautiful cards in from a trip to Washington, D.C.

Better view of inside cabinet - Top shelf has my little kokeshi family, japanese bowl and larger creative kokeshi. In the back is a black glass holder for flowers? incense? chopsticks? and a lacquer heart box. Middle shelf has lacquerware figure canisters, tea cups to match bowl, fans and an iron kettle. Bottom shelf has some cloisonne, which is from china. The cloisonne bowl holds cloisonne eggs. I got the bowl for a song at Goodwill. It was sold with that styrofoam stuff glued to the inside, so they probably figured it was wrecked. But it came off completely without any damage! Eggs are mostly from ebay. (This is part of my collection of cloisonne, will have to show that on another post.) Plastic covered Asian dish in back and fabric covered box. Ceramic thongs came from a garage sale.

I don't remember when I started liking these things, but I think there were a few influences. When I sold on eBay, I came across the kokeshi dolls and that sparked an interest which led to other items. Also, when I was going to school for Graphic Design I was exposed to different types of design. Then there is the collector in me, which I got from my parents who loved to collect things.

I have found that a good way to decorate with these items is to give them their own vignette. A cabinet works really well for this.


  1. I think the scenes in the little black paneled thing are carved from cork ?

  2. Thanks Kylie, I did wonder if it was, it's amazing that such detail can be carved into it on a tiny scale!

  3. Hi Jil, You have a wonderful collction and I love your mom's cabinet! Thank you so much for the sweet note you left on my blog.

  4. The car, the blog, the Kokeshi! Got here from Apron Thrift Girl and became an instant follower! Adore Kokeshi - having been born in Japan, I have mine from way back them, making it quite vintage, of course.

  5. Your Asian and Kokeshi collection is BEAUTIFUL! I love it all and it sits so nicely in your home. I have a fledgling collection of Kokeshi and unique Japanese bits, too.