Thursday, June 2, 2011


I came across this very groovy store, elemental, while searching the web. Located in Spitafields, East London, elemental is an interiors and design store. They restore or redesign vintage and antique pieces. According to their blog: "We recycle, upcycle, reuse and reconstruct. We collaborate with other craftspeople and designers who share our approach. We showcase and sell the work of other designers and artists in our East London showroom." Their eclectic ware is design-a-myte! (I think I just made up a new word) Okay - just ignore that, here are some photos to look at.

How ingenius are these pieces? Add to that funky, cool and just plain great!

I would have no problem find a place for this little cabinet

Wine Rack

Cool Office Chair

Funky Console

I am smitten. Spend some time on their website or blog and you will be too. These long distance romances are hard.


  1. I am hitting their website and their blog for more inspiration pronto. Thanks Jil. Love the "funky console" and the cupboard made of all the different drawers, have shown my husband and sown the seed....

  2. I really like those too, hope your husband is an easier sell than mine!

  3. "Design-a-myte"!!! LOL...And especially perfect to describe the very first buffet-height cabinet-o-drawers!! I'm in LOVE with it! Rushing right over to elemental...Hope you're getting a percentage?! ;-)

  4. No, I just did a feature because I really like their stuff. You are SO LUCKY to be able to go there, I'm jealous! :>)