Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Two Balloons Blue

When I see some of the gorgeous Scandinavian enamelware on other thrifting blogs, I wonder why I see so little of it on my outings. Don't know if it's the area I live in or that I'm not going to the right sales. I could go to Etsy or eBay to find it, but the thrifter in me wants to score it for a pittance somewhere. Perhaps a reality check is in order? For now, at least I can look. Here is a variety of enamelware for you to peruse. Don't forget to click on the links, some of these sites are really good sources of information.

Just A Modern Guy

Object of Beauty

A Collection A Day

Finding the Grail

Modern Findings

Vertigo Home

Wood Jungle Store

Tandem Antiques

Bonafide Vintage

Is it wrong if I want everything in this photo?

Cafe Cartolina

Tandem Antiques

Modern Findings

How about you? Do you have a enamelware score to brag about? I love to hear about your conquests!

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  1. I don't score enamelware, either! I'd love to replace current bland kitchen bits with this colorful variety instead. I guess we'll just have to keep digging!

  2. Wow - absolutely beautiful photos! Enamelware makes me swoon! I've been lucky to find a few pieces, but not nearly as many as I'd like. I'll take two of each piece in every pic!

  3. *Sigh* I love enamelware! You should see some of the Hanova of Pasadena stuff....gorgeous.. I want everything in the photos too!

  4. Beccalina - You're right about Hanova - wow - Thanks - I really like it!

  5. I have never thrifted enamel but I'm kinda a pyrex junky- I posted (and Nature Table Linked) my latest thrift finds- lovely to find your blog.