Monday, June 6, 2011

Quick Meal for a Hungry Thrifter

I've become rather lazy about cooking. Don't know what it is, but lately the easier, the better. Rather than berate myself, I'm taking this as a opportunity to eat more simply. When even a sandwich sounds like too much work, I'll have cheese and triscuits (like the tomato/olive oil ones) with fruit. Another favorite (you gotta try this) is cottage cheese, strawberries, sliced almonds sprinkled with a teaspoon of raw sugar. Marscapone cheese with blueberries and a light sprinkle of raw sugar is the bomb! Lest you think I'm miss healthy, I confess a serious weakness for sweets, especially chocolate. 

Last Saturday after going to a book sale and a couple garage sales I made the Yakisoba soy sauce flavored noodles by Maruchan (sorry I don't have the package to show). This is the brand that makes the ramen noodles, but these are supposed to be Japanese noodles. It comes in it's own container that you microwave it in and two packets, one with a minute amount of dried vegetables and the other a seasoning packet.  I was hungry and broke my rule about not microwaving in plastic, but next time I won't. Anywho, after cooking the noodles I added my own culinary twist: a few squeezes of juice from a lime and chopped peanuts. Voila! It was good, easy and cheap. 

Nutrition facts were not as pretty, I'd like to find a little healthier version of it. This post is a part of hey what's for dinner mom?


  1. Nom! Thanks for sharing these easy meals. I'm the same way lately, when you're on the run you have to make easy eats. I've been eating lots of simple cottage-cheese-with-fruit meals, I'll have to try your option.

    I love shin cups for my instant noodle fix. Spicy! Delicious with lots of dark leafy veggies tossed in.

  2. I'll have to look for that next time I'm in the grocery store