Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh Christmas Trees...

Inspiration for Home
Who says a Christmas tree has to look like an evergreen? Here are a few ideas for thinking outside the tree box. I think this tree made from scrap wood is great and would look nice hanging on the wall too.

I know time is winding down for decorating. Unless you're like me and just got your tree up. No reason we can't look though. You can always file ideas away for next year. Unless you find one you love and have to have for this year :>)


A newspaper tree is fun and recyclable. No watering necessary. You probably don't want lights either.


I like this hanging tree, plenty of room to get the presents under it! There could be many variations on this idea.

Inspiration for Home

This is such a charming idea - the sky's the limit. This would be a good one for getting the kids involved.


Even though the frame is vintage, this Christmas decoration looks modern because of the color palette. I like it.


I also like this idea using picture frames and letters. Your choice of pictures and letters can make it look modern, vintage, industrial, whatever you want.


If you're not going to use that decorative Christmas tree stand now, then how about this creative idea?

Last, I'll leave you with this kitschy image of a mini forest of retro Christmas
brooches. These pins are from a site called Bijoutree's Jeweled Forest. There are a couple of short videos you might like to watch, click here. I had no idea...


  1. That's our Christmas tree this year in the top pic Jil. Yet to be decorated. I'll post pics when it's done.

    I love the tree by babble v.much too.

  2. Oh how nice! Can't wait to see your photos. I want to make one too, but going to have to file it away for next year.

  3. How creative some people are! I've never seen so many ways to do a tree.