Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paper Mache Christmas Decorations

When I'm out thrifting and looking for vintage Christmas decorations, I keep a lookout for paper mache decorations like the trio above. These decorations are from the 60's and/or 70's and mostly made in Japan.

Ruff by Margo
Seriously, who could resist this sweet angel boy?

Or a family or carolers?

The Girl From Yesterday
I like the colors on this groovy little angel.

I'm attracted to any set with three girls as I have three daughters.

simply human
I think these Three Wise Men are regal

I like the details on these two choir boys.

lovely dig
I've noticed that these type of paper mache decorations are becoming more collectible. All the more reason to thrift!


  1. They are lovely Jil, I haven't found any made of paper mache here. Three daughters! And I thought I had my hands full with two!

  2. And these are all ones you found? Nice collection!

  3. None of these are mine. I'm just to lazy to photograph the ones I have.
    : > )

  4. It's a bit sad that these have basically been replaced by mass produced plastic ones now, right?

  5. It is sad. That's another positive about thrifting - to find things that are charming and well designed.