Monday, November 14, 2011

Vintage Plastic

Peanut Bowl Set
One of the things I look for when I'm thrifting is vintage plastic. Not the old gummy or flimsy stuff, but well designed, sturdy, quality plastic. Some of the coolest plastics you will ever see are from the Space Age era of design. Some names to look for:  Ira, Heller, Kartell, Panton, Rosti, Copco, Deka, Texas Ware, Melemac and Melamine.

If I had this turquoise flower melamine tray from the 60's I would hang it on the wall. So cute, so simple, so well designed!

These egg cups are so cute! If I had these I'd have to make eggs just to put in them!

Some vintage plastics I recently found at Goodwill and an estate sale.

Some more of my plastic, I like modern serving utensils, the colors and designs are fun.

Here's a really modern pair of salad servers - love it!

Luigi Colani Ice Bucket

Vintage Georges Briard ice bucket, I found this at Goodwill.

Rosti Mepal Danish Flower Plates
Some of my vintage plastics I only use in the summer. Their bright colors and fun casual style seem to lend to the outdoors. I like the way they look on my picnic table. (Sorry, wish I had a pic, example below from a previous post on Heller.) 

Heller Plastic Dinnerware

Retro Chalet

Russell Wright Residential Melmac

When searching for images to show in this post, (other than my own), I came across Jo Je Bin's Photostream on Flickr. He has an extensive collection of vintage plastics, lives in Zurich, Sweden and his amazing finds come from thrifting! I am so jealous!

To go to a very groovy site (yeah, baby!) about Space Age Plastic, visit Plastiphile, it's a trip!

These vintage wall clock from the 60's and 70's are as much in style today as they were 40-50 years ago. Jo Je Bin has the makers listed as Wanduhren, Krups and Jura.

So there you have it. Or some of it. It's just the tip of the plastic iceberg. I didn't even show any plastic furniture.

Better save that for another post.

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  1. I love the red set at the beginning of your blog. I had an old set of Melemac back in the 60s - I was so tired of it, I gave it away.