Friday, August 24, 2012

Upcycled Patio Deck Seating

Last summer I did a post when I found this L-Shape seating on Craigslist. I was pretty excited to find something like this for a pittance that had so much potential. The frame needed refinishing and the seats and seat backs needed replacing. As neither my husband nor I have the woodworking skills,I found a carpenter to do the seat and build a table to match. Although I was going to refinish the frame myself, he offered to do it for such a reasonable amount I couldn't say no.

Not bad as far as rust, but definitely needed a new coat of paint.

What a difference a day makes...

I also found the spaghetti chairs on Craigslist. The person selling them just wanted to get rid of them and I only paid $12 for 4!

The green planter and stand were thrifted. I lost a lot of flowers this summer due to the intense heat wave we had for two months. (As did much of the country) The long planters on the ledge are from my dad's house. I had to replant half of the flowers in them and they're just starting to fill out. Anyway, I'm very happy with the transformation of our seating!


  1. It looks great! I also can't believe that great deal on the chairs. Amazing!