Monday, August 20, 2012


I've had many posts about upcycling ideas. The creativity and ingenuity that people have is so interesting to me. For those of us who adore thrifting in all it's forms, upcycling can be part and parcel of that. How many times do you see something at a thrift store or sale and think it has possibilities? That's where upcycling ideas can be a great resource.

images via ARTREBELS

In the true spirit of upcycling, these plastic crates has been elevated.

image via RePlayGround

Vintage wood crate turned table - the graphics add a lot of appeal.

images above via The Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon has several ideas for upcycling wood crates. Here's a good idea for a crate that is falling apart. I would use something like this for keys and probably put different knobs or hooks on it.

image via Out of the Birdcage

Pyrex bowls turned into light shades

image via Upcycle Us

This has to be the cutest idea I've seen for upcycling a cable reel.

image via duitang

I think this is a fun idea with some practical applications, but I sure wouldn't want to use a tennis ball that has been bounced around on the court!

image via all women stalk

I like both these ideas for vintage rulers, especially the mirror. All Women Stalk has 14 different ideas for upcycling rulers.

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  1. Great post Jil.
    I've got a heap of old plastic Coke crates gatherig cobwebs in the shed and a broken wooden lemonade box, my husband says he'll fix for me, but I know he won't! Some of these ideas could be the answer. Thanks.