Monday, November 7, 2011

Ode to Yellow

This is my ode to yellow,
a bright and cheery fellow,
Who seems to say hello,
Would you like some lemon jello? 
                                 - j.casey

Pardon my foray into poetry, I must have had too much coffee this morning. Actually, I'm going to add it to my other little ditties for a children's book that I would like to write and illustrate some day. 

Lately I'm very attracted to things that are yellow, it's such a cheerful color. And don't we all need a little more cheerful in our lives? Here are a few yellow things that I have thrifted recently.

I really like this yellow Hoover electric fry pan. It's in great condition and the pan is made out of heavy duty stainless steel. Paid $6 at an estate sale.

I found this Dansk pitcher and I assuming Dansk coasters at a garage sale for $1. The coasters don't have a mark on them, but they perfectly match. 

Even though I already have a lemon squeezer or two, I couldn't resist this Semco one that I found at Goodwill for $1.99. 

This giant yellow paper clip wasn't thrifted, but I did buy it at T.J. Maxx, so it
was discounted. It's made of iron, so it will last longer than I will. A pop of color for my work space.

These shallow yellow bowls marked Genuine Melamine, were .39 each at Goodwill. They're a good size for portion control. (right...)


This Panton Era Conran Crayonne Ice Bucket, tray and glasses would be soo nice to have. I don't see things like this when I'm thrifting, wish I would.

What's your favorite color lately?

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  1. I love all your yellows Jil.

    How wonderful it would be to find that gorgeous ice bucket etc. I'll cross my fingers and hope you do in the future.

    Thank you v much for the Liebster x
    I have already receved one earlier this year, should I pretend I haven't and continue to pass on the love?

    p.s. you are quite the poet...

  2. Kylie - Thanks for all your comments. Not sure what to say about the Liebster. You could beef yourself up and say that you've been nominated twice! I think whatever you decide to do is fine. As far as the poetry goes, I think I'd best keep my day job.

  3. So much yellow, it pops my eyes out. I like a bit of yellow but I really fancy red or purple. It must be my age.

  4. I don't think it's age, I think everyone has their own color preferences.

  5. I happen to be on a yellow kick at the moment, especially mustard! I like all your finds, especially the electric fryer.

  6. Funny how we get on those color kicks, but it makes life interesting, doesn't it?