Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thrift Find - Sign Marker Set

Many times the best thrift finds are totally unexpected.

I didn't notice this box in my first pass. It was on a low shelf and somewhat covered up. The age of the box is what caught my attention.

It's an old sign marker set!

It was a bonus to have the label intact inside. It says "Aristocrat Sign Marker, Number 2, Price $4.50." Looks like it was made in Chicago, Illinois. Some of the writing is obscured by the testing of stamps.

This picture is a bit dark. All the letters of the alphabet and numbers are there, punctuation too.

Not sure what I'm going to use it for, but there are many possibilities. The stamps are a nice size; the letters measure 1-1/2" tall. The pointing hand stamp is over 3" long. The price of $2.99 really sweetened the deal!


  1. AHhhhhh!!! I'm so jealous! I would LOVE to find something like this :) nice find!

  2. Oh I am swooning with jealousy...fantastic find. The box would have been a treasure on its own..then the vintage was your lucky day !!

  3. Wow--pretty cool find! Such a unique treasure.