Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Industrial Cabinets

What is it about industrial cabinets that makes my heart go pitter patter? Is it form meets function? Their stout but streamlined style? It could be the interesting patina of a well worn piece or maybe the unique look of a piece stripped to the bare metal. I'm not sure, but I sure do like them. Let's take a look at the wide array of these unique and interesting cabinets.

This is where that patina thing comes into play. Rustic items on top show off these desk top drawers. But for more function you could add an industrial tape holder and lamp.

Midcentury Modern Finds
Even though the paint is wearing on this blue cabinet, it has not lost it's charm. Totally functional, it can hold a lot of supplies nearby.

Who could say no to this snazzy little cabinet? Small but mighty, it could hold a lot of supplies.

Antique Helper
This dental cabinet has many possibilities. It would be great in a bathroom for towels, soaps etc.

Design For Men
First off, this credenza is the cat's meow. Store your stuff in high style. Nuff said.

Here's an example of the stripped metal that I mentioned. These old doctor's cabinets could work in so many places - bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room. What a great coffee table! Pieces like these break up that too much wood look and add a lot of interest.

The Estate Store
This streamlined cabinet could be jazzed up - spray paint a bright color, add a new formica top in a interesting pattern, then add a great lamp & maybe a vintage radio or other accessories.

The beauty of this piece is undeniable. Using it as a display cabinet for vintage cameras is a great idea. I like the orange tool box on top with the black/white photo. Perfect!

This industrial cabinet with a wood top fits well in it's surroundings. The ornate mirror above and alligator on top give it an eclectic look.

This little piece is hard to resist with it's jaunty legs and attractive green color. It could hold printer paper in an office space. A plant on top would look nice too, yes?

This German display unit has a timeless contemporary design, but it's age also gives it an industrial appeal.

Under a Paper Moon
This large cabinet could be a real work horse. A collection of vintage globes on top would look great or some plants to soften the look.

Hello Friend
This machinist cabinet would be great for holding small items and has a lot of style. Like that stool next to it too.

Hello Friend
These matching drawers could work as night stands. The red chair shows how a punch of color can really make industrial items sing.

This old mechanics cabinet has an artful presence. It would look spectacular surrounded by great artwork, sculptures etc. I think it would work well with Asian items.

Put some glass shelves in this baby for a bar cabinet, towel cabinet or stereo stand, just to name a few.

I'm not sure if the wood drawer is original to this old medical cabinet, but it sure looks nice and is a good example of how wood can warm up a metal cabinet.

Design For Men
Endless possibilities with metal carts like these, printer cart, plant stand and bar car are a few that come to mind.

apartment therapy
These metal kitchen cabinets were cleverly built in with the kitchen cabinets. I think they look really sharp and add a lot of interest to the space.

I like the style and patina on this olive green cabinet - it's color is neutral and would work in many places.

Design For Men
This french credenza with perforated doors could be used in an office space, a dining room or as a tv stand. 

Design For Men
I don't know what the original use of this steel perforated chest was, but me likey. What a great statement piece!

SunDial Powder Coatings
No one would miss this red barrister bookcase, but it could be painted any color. I have a pair of barrister bookcases very similar to the above but mine are gray. I drove to Missouri to get them after I purchased them through a university surplus auction. I looked long and hard to find a pair in my budget. A university surplus ended being the way to go - even with the cost of gas and a 16+ hour round trip drive, I saved 40-50% of what it would have cost to buy them off of eBay or from an antique dealer.

Wow, wow, wow - love it. This walnut and steel credenza was designed by George Nelson for Herman Miller in the early 1960's.

Words fail me. Let's just say that this French Steel and Brass Atelier cabinet has a lot of presence and some serious storage.

Rehab Vintage Interiors
Again, here is form meeting function. A steel hutch like this could be used for many different purposes.

Hudson Goods
Here's a steel and reclaimed wood credenza, this one has a rustic feel to it too.

How sweet and practical are these turquoise colored drawers? They would look great on a desk top.

It's a little hard to see with the lavender background, but the green drawers fit inside stripped metal frames, a nice contrast.

Rockett St. George
I'm not sure what this cabinet was originally intended for,perhaps a medical cabinet, but it has an interesting design.

Rehab Vintage Interiors
This cream medical cabinet has the look of designer Norman Bel Geddes. I know the hardware is original, but different door pulls could add a new look to it, not to mention a different color.

Yellow is a happy color and these filing cabinets would add a big punch of cheer to an office space.

For a smaller punch of color, this mid century medical cabinet would do the job nicely.

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  1. Hi Jill, I must I hve a whole new outlook now when I see metal cabinets. I do have an old metal file cabinet from my father-in-laws business that I treasure. And a toolbox that was my brothers that woul be a nice scrapbook addition. Have a great day.

  2. Very nice post. I love the stripped metal... and of course anything with drawers. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  3. Oh pitter patter here too!!! What a fabulous post of all things industrial! :) I think around here it's going to take awhile to "catch on" if you know what I mean. We're trying to sell this style in a local shop here and people still don't even get the whole industrial concept. But I LOVE it! It's similar to the whole shabby chic idea. It really is family friendly. I'll be back to check out your site when I have more time! THANKS for the comments on my lockers!

  4. I love the industrial look. With lots of drawers. Especially drawers. With label holders...