Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Goblet

Whilst thrifting one day I came upon a giant goblet. (I've always wanted to use that word - we don't say whilst in Wisconsin - I just like the sound of it.) Spotting it's enormous potential I bought it for the sum of $3. I've already put it to it's first use as a Halloween decoration. I placed a skull, plastic bugs, mice and bats inside. Whoo...scary!  I used some of that crafty cobweb and hooked it onto the giant spiders legs. The dangling web is full of baby spiders. I wasn't able to use as much cobweb as I would have liked because of the lack of rough edges to hook it to. I think I need some big candle stick holders, then I could attach the cobweb to all three. Another idea that just occurred to me is to add some battery operated lights. 

I'm going to employ this goblet for the Christmas season also, filling it up with lights and ornaments. Hopefully my brain will remember to post that.

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