Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Liquor Cabinet

I've been looking for a liquor cabinet/sideboard to put in my living room.A cabinet with an air of sophistication - one that Frank and the rest of the Rat Pack would be at home with. 
Not too much has turned up on my local craigslist, so I decided to take a look on ebay. BTW, I'm in looking and thinking stage, not the affording stage.

This one is a beauty with a price of $140.00, but is a pick-up only in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey. Too far for this Wisconsin girl.


What I really need is something more like this to house my glassware. We actually don't have very much liquor in our house. Teenage son, need I say more?

This cabinet is swank and sophisticated, but too short on storage for my needs. It's gorgeous, but also very expensive.

I could live with this, it's got a good mid century vibe going. Looks like it would store a lot of glassware too.

This lovely sideboard/buffet is a buy it now for $50.00, gak! But a pickup only in Weatherford, Texas. That's a long drive from Wisconsin. Well, it's not exactly what I need, but a steal nonetheless. (I'm so easily distracted.)

This is very nice. But I'm quickly realizing my champagne taste and beer budget mean that I'm going to have to save my pennies awhile lot longer.


Now this I like. Look at the legs on this piece. Lots of storage and presence galore. The price is fair, but a local pickup again, this time in St. Louis, Missouri. 

I actually drove to St. Louis last spring to pick up a pair of steel barrister bookcases I won in a ebay auction. I did the round trip in a day, so exhausting. It was worth it - you can't find them around here and I got a great price as the University was selling them and not a dealer. 

Here they are, I use them to house my collection of children's picture books that I use in my other blog, The Art of Children's Picture Books

This walnut sideboard is great, love the design, but sadly too rich for my blood.

Would I buy this gorgeous lacquer and lucite buffet if I had the money? Hell yes! But then the rest of my living room would look frumpy.

This Paul Laslo sideboard is a dream too, especially at $2375.00

This gorgeous exotic wood sideboard can be yours for $5600.00, because it can't be mine. I'll bet old Blue Eyes would have liked this one too.


  1. I've never seen so many different styles in my life of side boards.

  2. Nice options, but I think I'm in love with the very first one. It would be the perfect bar and it is only 140.00! Makes me wish I lived up north.

  3. I L.O.V.E. looking at your MCM finds....even if you're just "wishing" some of these are fabulous! I'm eyeballing a bedroom set on a local auction but have nowhere to put them.....:)

  4. Well, I am in love with the first one and only $140? Wow.

  5. The 8th one looks quite nice. It's almost like a treasure chest... which is quite true when there are liquor bottles to fill up that cabinet. The first one is also fine, and the last one is good for eye-candy/window-shopping, hehe!


  6. I am in love with the tenth liquor cabinet, It looks so glorious.