Friday, June 29, 2012

Upcycled Entertainment Centers and Armoires

Just like the vcr, entertainment centers and armoires went out when the flat screen TV came in. Scads of them can be found on Craigslist, begging to be sold for a mere pittance of their original price. Let's take a look at what some creative people are doing to give them a new life.

Tam of sew dang cute crafts turned this entertainment armoire into a sewing
center and a very nice one at that. Tam has other brilliant ideas for upcycling
on her blog.

image via ser.en.dip.i.ty

Great redo on this entertainment center and fabulous reuse. This would be great in a home office or craft room.

Could this be any cuter? How fun for these lucky kids to have a play kitchen like this. Beats those small plastic ones.

image via Pickin' Greens

A little segway here, an entertainment armoire made from old doors.

I like the rustic look of this dresser that has been repurposed, it would
be great in a smaller space. This one require skills (they cut a dresser in half), but you could also do this with a chest of drawers. What a great use for a chest or dresser that has a drawer or two that doesn't work!

image via Glimmer & Grit

Great upcycle on this entertainment armoire - this could be repurposed as a
dresser or gorgeous linen closet, in a dining room or kitchen - just about any room.

image via Baer Home Design

The great thing about repurposing these large pieces of furniture is giving them a new lease and a new purpose. Changing furniture that is tired or out of date into something attractive and functional is very satisfying. The armoire above has great style, but even greater functionality - look at all it can store. How nice to have everything in one place, easy to see and get to.


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  2. I love the first image, that is a fantastic idea for a sewing area..I am definitely gonna try this!

  3. Any suggestions on how to upcycle an entertainment unit into a (girl) 10 year old's dresser? We have 2 large units to work with, and not sure what to do with them.

  4. Without being able to see what they look like, I can give a few suggestions.

    Paint can dramatically change the look of anything and there are so many options. Colors your daughter likes can give you a direction to go in. Letter stencils can be fun to put her name or sayings on it. If you have doors on the entertainment center you can add more shelves inside. You can buy lumber cut to the size you need at places like Home Depot, they don't charge for cutting. Shelves can be lined with contact paper that comes in many different patterns.

    With two large units to work with you may have room for clothing storage and to display her things. For open shelves it might be nice to paint the inside one color and outside another.

    If there aren't doors on it, baskets or other containers are another option. A rod can be hung in the tv section for hanging clothes.

    Whatever you do have fun and take your time to get ideas. I miss those days when my girls were young, they're all grown up now! Hope this helps. I'd love to see a before and after picture when you're done.

    Hope this helps!