Thursday, July 14, 2011


What is it that makes us collect things? Does it go back to a hunting and gathering instinct? Some sort of self preservation or defining of oneself? There are many reasons behind collecting. A preservation of history, aesthetics, sentimentality, status and monetary gain are common reasons.

People collect everything and anything. Collections can be small, gigantic or anywhere in between. They are as diverse as people are. Collections can be beautiful, valuable, quirky, sentimental or even weird.

Let's take a look at some of the things that people collect and how they display their collections.

Mochimochi Land
Some collections are tiny like this,

les fabulations
or these tiny tops.

A collection of buckles can fit in a drawer.

Catherine Jamieson

Collecting stamps has long been popular.

Collectors of doll house furniture pay close attention to scale and style.

This collector has special shelves to display his collection of miniature cars.

This is a serious collector with a huge vinyl collection

People also collect things in colors they like

Dee Adams
Kimberly Baird-Stephenson Photography


I like the way this camera collector has displayed their cameras.

With a large collection like these cameras, bookcases with glass doors work nicely and greatly reduce the need for dusting.

A collection of wedding cake toppers.

Trip Print Press
I like the way this collection of rulers is arranged like, it gives it an artful presence.

penelope waits
This shelving suits this tea cup collection perfectly, while the neutral color lets the individual designs shine.

The Wee Harlequin
These tins are so pretty and make a nice grouping.
This person has a collection of stones that are shaped like shoes,
very unique!

I think this black shelving really sets off this collection of enamelware and pyrex.

My Little Chickadee
A collection does not need to be large to have presence, as is the case with these watering cans.


Collections of art work in museums are treasures for everyone to see and enjoy.

Scenic Youth

This display of a brooch collection is striking.

Chez Larsson
Displaying bottle caps like this gives them a fresh and graphic appeal. The white frames are very neutral.

Japanese Netsuke buttons are carved out of bone or ivory. They are miniature works of art.

Aren't these shell boxes lovely?

origami potato
Newspaper provides a perfect neutral background to this arrangement of ocarinas, a small musical instrument.

So many things, so many places to look. And what better places to look than thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales, Craigslist, eBay... It's the thrill of the hunt!

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  1. O.k. I have collected cameras, shell boxes, buttons, watering cans, but now I want to collect rulers. Go figure.

  2. thanks for linking this to Share the Love Wednesday! I collected vintage Santas for many years... now I am paring that collection down and I seem to be amassing silver! I still have a love for all the vintage holiday goodies though.