Thursday, May 19, 2011


If you want to get your upcycling on, REcreate is the place to go. Owner Katie Thompson's innovative ideas and eclectic style = one of a kind items. Sadly for most of us, we won't be able to go to her store in Cape Town, Africa. But there are pictures of it on her site and she has an online store.

I was initially drawn to REcreate when I saw these suitcases chairs - what a cool idea. I am drawn to the black/green one. Here's another unique idea, an ottoman made from a galvanized tub.

This hatbox ottoman is super cute and has the bonus of storage

Here are some repurposed clocks designed by Katie.

These lamps are great and would fit in any contemporary, industrial or eclectic decor

More great repurposing ideas from Katie. I especially like the fryer basket. A grouping of the garden sieves above a desk would be nice.

Katie says that she loves creating functional art from discarded nonfunctional junk. She's definitely got the knack for it!

Recreate studio is in Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa


  1. Some cool ideas here, I love thriftiness. cheers Marie

  2. hey I did a post on Katie a couple of months back too! I love what she does with "junk"...very inspiring.
    Your post has some pics I haven't seen - it was great to see inside her studio.