Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tree Stumps

What could be cheaper than free and rhymes? A tree - tree stump to be exact. While walking my dog Friday night I spotted a downed tree cut into big chunks. As soon as I got home I asked my husband to help me and we picked out two. I'm going to use them for plant stands on my deck.

I want to place mine on our deck, like these. But I have two tree stumps and want to fill in with planters and flowers. I'll show pictures in a later post, still need to buy my plants.

I've done this with a tree stump in my yard, planted daisies in it. Makes that tree stump you didn't remove look like it was intentional.

There many ideas online for tree stumps. And why not? A tree stump table can add a lot of interest to a room or a nice contrast to contemporary furniture. I've picked out some ideas that are more simple, no whittling or chain saws required. 

An obvious choice other than a plant stand, is to use a stump as a side table. I think I'll let mine dry outside for a season or two before using inside. Here are some nice examples.

The painted bark on these tree stumps adds a bit of style.

These tree trunk tables(or stools)look like they could walk away!

According to the site "No trees are cut to make these tables. They are created from trunks salvaged from lumbering activity or trees that have fallen naturally. Each piece is cleaned without chemicals, then kiln-dried for four or more weeks. After lengthy sanding and hand-polishing the log is coated with a non-toxic sealant and a locally produced bees wax to then receives its legs. Wrought-iron or chrome legs are specifically selected for each table."

Find a bargain on some stools on Craigslist and use this idea. Metal legs would add a nice contrast. Some sanding, stain (optional) and varnish would be in order. These would look nice around a pub height table.

Ok, I guess I lied about no whittling, but aren't these vases charming? I especially like the succulent in one. I think this could be accomplished with a drill and the right kind (hole boring) of drill bit.

Add a clock kit to a tree slice and you've got a stylish clock! I like the way the white clock hands look, but a bright color would be nice too.

For some upscale ideas and a tutorial, check out Nesting Place.
They have several nice ideas.

Do you have any ideas for tree stumps or slices? I'd love to see comments about your ideas!

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  1. I think tree stumps can lend a really nice organic element to a the pic with the flokati rug..

  2. Great post! There are so many things to do with the tree stumps and they inject great earthy feel to any room... I hope you post about what you ultimately do to them!

  3. Thanks for your comments! Yes, I do plan on posting about them outside and eventually, inside.

  4. I love the idea of tree stump as simple, organic bedside table. So restful! Do you have to treat them in any way to make them safe for inside?

  5. The link for Nesting Place on this posting talks a little bit about this. It is most ideal to let the stump dry for a season or two. (I plan on using mine outside until it gets colder and putting it in the garage so it doesn't absorb water over the winter.) If you put legs or casters on the stump make sure they are sturdy enough for the weight of the stump. Also make sure it is well balanced so it is not top heavy and topples over. The link to Nickadoo goes into their process. They use a natural sealant, which I don't know anything about. Like them, I will probably sand mine and put bee's wax on it. I have also heard that you can use linseed oil. You could also use a spray varnish on it or paint like some of the examples. If you don't want to put any finish on it I would recommend using a spray hose on the stump and let it dry for a season. Hope this helps!

  6. love the tree truck inspiration. i used one when i staged my outdoor furniture. i didn't even know i was being trendy!!

  7. Well now you know, you were way ahead of the curve!

  8. Tree stumps are coming up everywhere!! Love them on your deck! :)

  9. I love what Karen does at The Art of Doing Stuff
    I think you have referenced her work above, she also offers a tutorial on it. :) Thanks for all this in one spot, I have 3 stumps waiting for some loving.

  10. Some great ideas here! Thanks for linking this to Wicked Awesome Wednesday. I love your header.

  11. Hi Jil, I featured your project on my link party this week! come on over and grab an “I’ve been Featured” button if you’d like!

  12. I'v been using stumps and wood for years! They are beautiful everywhere!

  13. It looks as if the power of the tree stump is infinite when it comes to interior design. Good thing they can come from nature!

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    Tree Removal Asheville NC

  14. It's amazing how creative people can be and mother nature is a good source of inspiration!