Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vintage Metal Beds

Oh bed! Oh bed!
Oh delicious bed!
That heaven on earth
To the weary head.

- Thomas Hood

image via everyday Lovely

I've always been drawn to vintage metal beds, particularly those made during the Depression and after. With a design referred to as Austere, these beds have much less ornamentation, (or none) simple curves and clean lines, much different from their preceding styles such as Victorian, Art Nouveau or Art Deco.

What I like about these beds is their ability to exist in different types of decor.
Stripped to the bare metal and sealed, they look industrial. With a chippy finish they look country, rustic or shabby chic. Painted a bright color like the yellow bed above they can look modern, funky or eclectic.

I'm not sure if the above bed is vintage or a reproduction, but it demonstrates how white paint and simple bedding make this bed in it's surroundings look fresh and modern.

The above vintage beauty shows it's age, but still has much charm.

image via A Brighter Place

This bed is at home in an industrial setting.

image via Hudson Goods

Modern linens with a vintage feel are right at home with this bed.

I really like the bird comforter on this vintage metal bed, it looks anything but old. And it shows how adaptable these beds are for children's room.

What girl wouldn't want this bed? Kelly of The Lilypad Cottage shows how she transformed this bed for her daughter.

image via COTTAG3

image via Dans le Townhouse, from Cote Sud Magazine 

The metal bed above, originally shown in a French magazine, is very striking.

image via curate and love


  1. These are LOVELY (she says, turning a delicate shade of pea green in envy)!! I keep hoping that I will chance upon a gem like one of these at a garage sale or thrift shop but have yet to hit the jackpot. There is just something enchantingly charming about old iron beds. I NEED one. Someday...

  2. Keep your eyes peeled, your certain to run into one sooner or later!

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