Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vintage Suitcases - Repurposed

There have been many posts about upcycled suitcases and for good reason. There's just so many great ideas out there! Here are several that caught my attention.

Image via Upcycle That

You may have seen this image before, I came to it time and again when looking for images. It's a ten - the suitcase shelves make a great design element and everything works together. 

Image via Design Sponge

I like the combination of elements in this small room and the low suitcase table is functional and appealing.

image via poetic home

Though the suitcase is vintage, the style of the stand and wood color give it a modern feel. It would be nice in a foyer and the suitcase could be used to hide mail or gloves etc.

Image via fern and freckle

Here's another nice suitcase table - this one is definitely stylish.

Image via Prudent Baby

I searched for images of upcycled suitcases for children and found this cute idea - just I wish I could have found more ideas. Seems like that's an under explored area.

This snow white suitcase is cute too and I'm sure there are little girls who
would love it. Plus it would be fairly simple to do.

Image via Vintage and Flea

Still thinking about ideas for a little girl's suitcase (This is turning into an
obsession :>), I like this idea for recovering the inside with cute fabric
and affixing little purses inside.  A zippered pencil case would work too.
Plenty of room for storing lots of treasures. But I would leave the suitcase intact and obviously not hang it in a bathroom. 

This suitcase turned into kitschy shadowbox is fun, like the maps and old photos on the inside.

Image via candidly crafty

Last, but not least, I love this idea for repurposing a vintage suitcase for craft items - so many possibilities!

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  1. I have no idea how I cam upon your blog....one blog roll to the next to the next...anyway imagine my surprise when I came across my friend Ashley's vintage suitcase from Apartment Therapy!! Small world.