Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mid Century Plates

It's my belief that just like shoes, you can't have too many plates. And some of the reasons for indulging are the same too - functionality, different seasons, occasions, holidays. Here are some beauties I found while perusing online.

The Wary Meyers Shop

I like these Bennigton Pottery Appetizer plates, the colors are great too!

Mid Century Mania

I think these Narumi Tango pattern plates are my favorite

Wooden donkey

Wooden donkey has many objects that could happily come my way, like this Arabia of Finland cheese plate.


If I had these Georges Briard Strawberry Trays I would hang them on the wall.


I have to admit I didn't know what these plates were for when I first saw them. Now that I know they are fondue plates, the design makes sense!


If I had this atomic design platter I would use it a lot for entertaining

Gone Thrifting

Here are a couple plates I thrifted and posted about.

The Wary Meyers Shop

The Wary Meyers Shop has nothing but great stuff on their site and this italian Progetti platter is no exception.

This artistic plate is display worthy


I like the color and pattern of these dessert plates and cups - wouldn't tea and scones look great on them?
lisa congdon

Lisa Congdon displays her mid century kitchenware from Scandinavia and Japan. It looks so bright and modern, especially on white. This makes the collecting even more fun!


  1. Another post full to the brim with loveliness Jil. Those appetiser plates are awesome. Colours, shape, design. Love them. I wouldn't mind a set of those fondue plates either.

  2. I was in awe when I saw the artistic plate.

  3. Are you interested in selling the fondue plates?


  4. Vingt - Sorry for the slow reply, I was away on vacation. I don't own the fondue plates, but you might be able to find some on ebay or etsy.