Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vintage Tea Towels

I like the charm of vintage tea towels, especially those from the 60's and 70's. I don't come across them very often thrifting, not sure why that is, but I keep looking. Here are several nice designs.

via flickriver - this site has a ton of tea towels to look at

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Virgil Thrasher, 3D Clocks

Lately I've been drawn to 70's art. It's groovy man. I found the small picture below at an estate shop I like to go to. It's a signed piece by Virgil Thrasher, a silk screen print with reverse painted glass overlay on it. I paid $10.00 for it, so I was pretty happy with that. The Elgin clock on the left was purchased at a thrift store for a mere $3. Actually it was pretty dirty. Cleaning made a huge difference. Not sure if the clock works, it's pretty corroded where the battery goes. 

It's probably going in my son's room, he really likes it. I think it will look nice on his gray walls, it looks a little barren here on the cream color. I think it beats anything you could buy at Urban Outfitter for a lot less.

But Virgil stays with me.

Another example of Virgil Thrasher art via thriftytown

Serigraph by Virgil Thrasher via UncommonEye

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thrift Finds - See What Thrifting Can Do

My apologies for not posting for so long. Had a bout with tendonitis in my thumb and wrist. I had physical therapy for it which helped quite a bit. 

I recently changed  and rearranged a bookcase in our family room which had been the same for too long. It feels like a new space now. And of course, most of it has been thrifted.

I love sunflowers. I first saw these plates several years ago in a Mary Engelbreit
book about decorating. There wasn't any information about them in the book and I hunted them down on ebay. I found that they're MOMA plates and I have four of them now and one bowl, all from ebay. Each plate is a little different.

I also bought the majolica like pitcher off of ebay. Blue vase on the top is a recent find, it's pottery barn, which I bought for under $10.

This ball vase is a recent find, the books are all thrifted too. The baskets
are from T.J. Maxx and were not expensive.

I found both the brown pitchers at Goodwill at different times. More thrifted
books (had to buy the Peacock Manure & Marigolds just for the title), the little pewter sunflower frame I bought years ago at a gift shop.

It's funny how changing one area can change the whole room. I need to spiff
up the rest of the room and will post more pictures when I get that done.