Saturday, September 29, 2012

Upcycled Desks

Just like the many entertainment centers that have gone to the island of misfit furniture because of flat screen tvs, desks without keyboards have been languishing too. So let's take a look and see what some people are doing to update and upcycle desks. 


image via Mama's Happy

I am so in love with this chartreuse metal desk! After seeing it, I immediately did a search for one like it on eBay. I recognized the style as Norman Bel Geddes and found a few. It can be mine for anywhere from $550 to $750 plus shipping. Gulp.

It's amazing how color can change appearances, like the desk above from antique to modern. I'm currently obsessed with chartreuse and citron like colors, which I did a post on awhile back, if you'd like to view it, click here.

Love the maps on this desk!

image via LittleJoysStudio

This desk and chair were covered in newspaper, I wonder if it's hard to work with? I'm thinking of the ink that easily comes off.

A fresh coat of paint and leaf motif make this desk sing.

Fabric was used on part of this desk and modpodged.

image via NoD

Very mod, like the use of modular storage.

This upcycled desk got a nice dose of modern, like the yellow detail on the legs.

Salvaged wood + harpin legs = nice desk

image via diy inspired

This isn't a desk, but I had to show this coffee table made from one of those cable reels and hairpin legs - so cute!

One of my daughters recently moved into an apartment and I've been helping her find furniture, mostly via craigslist. I was happy to score this entertainment center for her. I'd been looking for a couple weeks to find something that would fit in with her furnishings and large TV (not flat screen) and found this:

The seller was trying to sell it within a couple days of moving cross country. The ad said they would consider all offers. I offered $25 for the heck of it and they accepted! I really thought someone else would scoop it up. It has a few scratches, but a wood stain stick will take care of that and for $25, who cares?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Doors of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

My husband and I were fortunate to take a trip to the beautiful state of New Mexico. They call it the land of enchantment and now I know why. The desert landscape dotted with yellow wildflowers and purple sage is set against the mountains and the sky is so blue.

On the first leg of our trip we went to Taos. While there we toured the Taos Pueblo, an Indian Reservation that has been inhabited for over 1000 years.
I don't feel good about the situation that the Native American Indians have in our country. But my blog is not the place to make commentary on the situation.

I think Adobe architecture is very interesting (so fitting for the landscape) and it's orange tint could be what makes the sky seem extra blue, though maybe the elevation (7000 ft.) has something to do with it too.

While walking around I was struck by the different doors of each residence and took pictures of them. Even though these are very humble adobe's, there is an artistic sense about them.